Shedley Wines

Shedley Wines is a family vineyard and winery, open to the public, located in Winnejup near Bridgetown, in the Blackwood Valley wine region of WA.

If someone would ask you what a wine is, basic answer for that is a Wine is an alcoholic

beverage made with the fermented juice of grapes. Technically, you can make a wine with any fruit like apples, cranberries and plums but most wines are made with wine grapes. as we go along trying to study facts about wine, everyone has an idea that a wine is just not an ordinary beverage.for you to appreciate it better, you need to know more about it. First off..
Identifying the basic types of wines:



Our Location

251 Dalmore Road, Bridgetown, Blackwood Valley, Western Australia 6255 Australia

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