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Queensland gin maker Rick Prosser is a brave man. In his subtropical home city of Bundaberg the streets flow with rum.

There's a big rum bottle in Bundaberg, locals proudly strut the iconic rum brand on shirts and hats, there is even a local urban myth spread through the city that the name of the main street was changed from "Bourbon" to "Bourbong" because of the rum distillery.

It's a rum town and Mr Prosser wants to convert the locals to gin.

How could these diehard rum lovers consider switching to gin?

The family-run company has already won over many locals by embracing flavours from the region and introducing a sweeter way of sampling gin.

"I love the blending of alcohol and with gin it's very individual with the botanicals we blend with," he said.

"With gin, legally the key botanical is juniper, if it doesn't contain juniper it's not classified as gin.

"My base is juniper and coriander seed and then I use as much local product as I can, like lemon and cinnamon myrtle which is grown here, native finger lime and our world famous Bundaberg ginger."



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