Bago Vineyard and Maze

Visit our cellar door then sit back and relax with a cheese plate and a glass of wine under the pergola.

The Bago Maze Challenge

The aim of the maze is to be fun and challenging. The Bago Maze Challenge, if accepted, will be to find your way to the lookout towers, searching for hidden items and musical instruments concealed deep within the Bago Maze’s tangled pathways.

Deep within the maze are a series of bridges and boardwalks over a sunken path adding a third dimension and are symbolic of the twists and tangles of an ever growing grapevine. As the walker approaches the end of the maze they will pass through a section representative of a bunch of grapes (the final product of the vineyard) and exit at a point where grapes become wine.

Bago Maze Facts

  • Bago Maze is the largest hedge maze in NSW, with a total area of 10,000 square metres and 2000 metres of pathways.
  • The design of the maze has taken inspiration from the surrounding vineyard and bushland, incorporating a myriad of symbolic imagery within its pathways and hedges. The cyclic and seasonal nature of the vineyard together with the flowing influences of earth, air and water is represented in two interlaced spirals. From the centres of these spirals, tendril like pathways radiate to the outer limits of the maze where two lookout towers will enable views over hedges and help walkers plot their ways out.
  • The Bago Maze was designed by Landscape Architect, Ian Mobbs.
  • Construction of the Bago Maze began on Christmas Day 2006 with the setting out and planting of the first 900 plants. The remainder of the planting took place in Spring 2007. It took 6 years to reach completion, including building of the towers, bridges, walkways and allowing the plants to reach sufficient height. The Bago Maze was opened in December 2012
  • There are two different varieties of Lilly Pilly planted in the Bago Maze, and over 1000 plants in total. The varieties of Lilly Pilly were chosen for their suitability as a hedge plant for our area.
  • There are future plans to create formal gardens, an open air amphitheatre, viewing and picnic deck, rainforest and sculpture garden walks, children’s playground and an underground cellar.

Bago Vineyards Products

We have our own range of sauces, jams and relishes in addition to those we have sourced from the surrounding area. These include our own raspberry sauce and jam, along with fresh raspberries when in season; tomato sauces and relish and red wine vinegar.

We stock and taste up to 12 local cheeses, from the hard pecorino styles made by the Hastings Valley Dairy in Wauchope, to the soft cheeses made by the boutique cheese maker, Comboyne Culture.

These include:

  • Pecorino and Pecorino Pepato
  • Cheddar styles- both matured and vintage (Old Logger Vintage)
  • Traditional Style Feta
  • Ricotta
  • Comboyne Culture soft cheeses- Camembert, Blue Camembert (Bluembert), Washed Rind, Lindsay Blue (Blue Vein) and Thone River Blue- a larger wheel with a harder and more crumbly texture.


Our Location

Milligans Road, Wauchope, Hastings River, New South Wales 2446 Australia

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BAGO VINEYARDS is open from 9.00am until 5.00pm every day (except Christmas Day). BAGO MAZE is open from 9.00am every day (except Christmas Day) and is located within the grounds of Bago Vineyards. Please Note: last admission to the Bago Maze is 4pm.